School should be a safe place for students to learn. Unfortunately, with the increase of violence in schools, neither students nor teachers may feel safe all the time. When students don’t feel safe, it can be increasingly difficult for them to concentrate and learn. For teachers, it can be challenging to present a lesson clearly when they are worried about their safety. Thus, both students and teachers suffer. Fortunately, many schools have implemented various security measures to help both students and staff feel safer while in the school environment. Many school safety websites encourage visitors to Click here to learn more about the new safety measures taken in various schools.

One important security measure that has been implemented in many schools recently is the requirement that all students, teachers and staff wear school identification badges. Most schools provide lanyards in school colors so that everyone can be identified from a distance. A ID badge clearly shows if an unknown person is authorized to be in the school or not.

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With gang violence a problem in some schools, by requiring school IDs to be worn at all times, it is made clear that those in the school are authorized to be there. It’s not unheard of for rival gangs to come to a school to cause violence. The hope is with beefed up security and no ID badges, these unwanted visitors will be stopped at the door and not be able to get into the school.

Additionally, many schools have blocked entrances for visitors without a stop into the office first. Only by the visitor stating their intentions will they be allowed entry. Most are also given identification to be worn the entire time they are in the school. After admittance to the school, the visitor will find that most classroom doors are now locked while class is in session. To enter the room, the visitor must knock and only gain entry when the teacher opens the door.

Though it is a shame that schools must have the security they now have, it is important. Parents need assurance their children are safe while they’re in school. Students must feel safe to learn, and teachers must feel safe to teach. Websites that suggest visitors Click here to learn more about school safety are proving that safety and security are the first steps that must be addressed for learning to follow.

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